Unique Seafood Experience

Enjoy a fine seafood experience at Amigo restaurant

Innovative seafood coupled with fine dining; expect nothing less than a full-blown culinary experience when you take a seat at Amigo restaurant. We source the freshest produce, offering a generous menu of local and sustainably-caught fish, shellfish, as well as live crustaceans, carefully selected each morning.

Our passion for always having the perfect ingredients combined with finely-tuned techniques in the preparation of our dishes provide a dining feat unrivalled by few other. Whole cooked lobster, succulent king prawns and fresh tender Red snapper fish, a crown feast of the ocean’s finest luxuries is but one of our signature seafood platter dishes.

We pair your culinary experience with the stylish atmosphere of our elegant dining room, for you to enjoy a relaxing lunch or a private dining for a more intimate sharing. Amigo restaurant has established a reputation that attracts local, national and international celebrities. Among them are French personalities Jacques Chirac, Chantal Goya, Emmanuel Béart and Julien Lepers to name but a few.

The choice is yours to enjoy a relaxing meal in our modern-classic restaurant of 50 covers or book one of our many private venues for an intimate atmosphere with friends and families, we cater for all events and experiences.

Courtesy vehicle within a range of 10km, free of charge and at-home catering services have been introduced for a unique experience fit for every occasion. Delectable choice of food, focused professional service and a passion for detail makes Amigo team a caterer to trust.

You love to eat and take your time to enjoy the flavours in seafood dishes, come and visit us. Amigo restaurant promises to offer you a culinary ride that will bring you back yet again. Complete the journey with our optional matching wines.

Jacques Chirac

Chantal Goya

Emmanuel Béart

Julien Lepers

A legacy to 33 years of expertise

A landmark in Cap Malheureux, 300 metres along Chemin vingt pieds, the warm welcoming smile of Ambigah Parasuraman, proudly holding a superb langouste greets visitors.

Since 1985,he worked tirelessly to establish Amigo restaurant as a leading seafood venue in the north of the island. Centred on customer experience model, the staff are continuously provided with the best training to ensure that each visitor is sated and absolutely blown away with the outstanding service.

His legacy was proudly preserved by his spouse after he passed away. Taking this foundation of delicious food and first-class dining experience, Kavinen endeavour to uphold the impeccable culinary journey from beginning to end by tending to every detail.

Known for his determination and aiming for excellence, the daily selection of fresh lobster, crabs and fish to the finest ingredients is carefully hand-picked to deliver a unique seafood experience with top notch food quality and service.